I am so tired of having to keep it all inside. You don’t how it feels like to stay sitted and to act as if you are in the very least having a good time and enjoying people’s company. But in all honesty, you hate everything. Everything you hear. Or you are just simply jealous that whatever’s happening, youre ignored. And you don’t have the courage to tell this to anyone because you know they don’t really care and you don’t want their sympathy because it will only make them feel better on themselves. I just I fucking hate everyone right now. I hate this bitch in my class who sort of ruined my name in the class. I hate so much people right now I may explode. I just I wish it would all stop. Why does it have to end this way Why are you so fucking annoying Why am I stuck with you Why are you so pretentious Why why fucking why


Disadvantages of the Innocent

Should I have been relieved that I am not included in the mess? That I am innocent? 

Sure it has an obvious advantage. But the disadvantage? Them not letting you take part and say what you have to say. Sometimes you have to hear what the odd one out has in mind. The odd one out is me. It’s like their the celebrity and I’m society. And everyone knows how society could criticize. They don’t feel the pain of the suffer-ers, which is why they have soo much to say. Which could be very judgmental, but also fucking true and painful. 

Butandwell, what do i have to say..

Why must one do such a thing? Because youth? Possibly. Or peer pressure? For some. Hm, Maybe they’re right let the odd one be taped. I may never understand because I never tried. There might come a time when I will, possibly. But I know that I’ll never get myself addicted. Once is enough for me. I may seem like a pussy but well, ill graduate.

No hard feelings,