So I’ve posted a quick text last September about the ACET,

Well, the results are out. And it’s not such a bright world after all.

I flunked it. Not even waitlisted. Flunked.

I am really disappointed because ADMU is my dream school, only dream school. Now, I have no plans. 

I haven’t told my parents either. I’ve already disappointed them enough on the results of UPCAT, I don’t wanna get teary eyed for the same cause. I know my mom would freak out. I joked with her yesterday before the results were released, I said I failed the ACET. Here is how our conversation went:

Me: “Ma, di ako pumasang Ateneo”

Here: “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Wala ka nang pinasahan!!!”


Now, I don’t wanna know how it would turn out when I tell her its real.

So far, I’m thinking of getting myself more familiar with writing essays, overloading myself with deep vocabularies and fixing my grammars. I honestly found Math of the ACET okay. But english killed me, and the test was like 80% English. And maybe, after a year, if I still love ADMU, I’ll try to apply as a transfer student. My life is hard.

So for all the passers, Congratulations! You better take ADMU’s offer, you lucky bastards.