Prom Night of Disaster

Hey everyone,
Let me tell you about my prom night, every girls’ dream, fantasy blah blah blah while me, I suffered of the thought of having to wear fitted sparkly gowns and heels that would made me walk like drunk. But of course it was a one time moment that I would never would have agree to let pass.

It happened on March. Yes, prom was held on February. Supposedly held. As usual, my school changed the date. Though no they didn’t always had their prom on March, only our batch. It’s like some sort of punishment as I see it. As you can see, my batch was the wildest most insane and would never stop talking I swear. Even the losers had a mouth with no zip. So they punish us..

But…. it was actually a good idea to move it on that date. That way we wouldn’t have insanely choose prom over our exams. I knew no one could focus for their exams because of prom. To think that we are an all girls school. And well, you know girls, they looove parties. I hated it. Not really. Hm.

Anyway, let me skip the painful parts of trying to find myself a nice thing to wear. It was really hard finding something. Because of my budget and not to mention my big tummy. It was all too hard for me. It took me about two days. Eventually, I ended up with the first dress I’ve fitted… on my first day of hunting one. So much time wasted!

My dress was simple. I was right about the sparkly thing. My dress was filled with sequins. Literally just sequins. Guess I had another disco ball costume. It was short though and not a gown. Worst of all, it was backless. And in that moment that I have handed my money to the cash register, I knew I was gonna die on my prom night. Gonna die of shame.

I thought of buying head turning shoes and accessories to drive away the attention of my fellow batch mates to my far from flawless back. Reality: black wedge with black beads. Floral Earrings. No necklace. It sucked. But it was okay. I aim for simplicity… Right? I also bought a concealer for my back. Which I can’t wait to tell you but, I’ve never even used it and I left it on the hotel bathroom of a pissed off mom of a friend of my friend. How unlucky.

Okay so the prom day itself! I went to my friends house. I was staying there to have myself dolled up. My friend said it worked for big time celebrities. And I was so excited!!!! Guess what happened? Utter failure. I asked them to keep my hair down. I think they were bothered with my boring suggestion, so they didn’t squeeze in any creative juices for my hair. Or my makeup. The makeup I had was exactly the same as my pal. What a waste. And I ha no compliments when I was done. Partly because my mom wasn’t there. Mostly because, as I told you, there were no creativity. I was so mad. But of course, a good friend I was, I hid it. But ofcourse I learned a lesson. Never trust a title. And I am no celebrity. They couldn’t transform me. Their makeup wasn’t pretty. The face of the celebrity was pretty.

One of the other embarrassing moments that happened while we had our makeup was when they asked my friend if she had a date. And she said yes and kept bragging how “hot” he was. I knew mine was “hotter” though. So then they asked me if I had a date. And I said no. Then they all had “poor girl” written on their eyes. And how I wanted so much wanted to explain to them that I did have a date. But he couldn’t go. Because of my friend. No space. I gave in. Only to know that there was an extra seat on our table. I was mad. Reaaaallly mad. But I managed to stop it. I was just disappointed that my friend didn’t even bother to tell me the other person couldn’t come. I guess she didn’t think I really had a date. Who would anyway? I looked more of the waitress during our prom.

Anyway, part two to be posted tomorrow. Stay tuned. It gets better.