2013 sum up

As I wave goodbye to the year 2013, 

I wracked my brains for positive things that has happened.

Although it was loaded with sad stuff, otherwise I will not be here typing down all my rants, it still had happy moments I should be thankful about. And I wanted to sum them up.


The summer of the year 2013 had been really busy.

Don’t forget the “break up” I had. It was just too much drama. I had always liked drama and the amusing feeling of letting out big, meaningful words that would surprise the receiver. Well all those stuff must have sucked in by some hole, cause I got pretty tired of it. And I don’t think it would help trying to constantly explain myself to this person. It killed me and I know it’d kill em too. 

Anyway, since I was graduating the coming year, my summer 2013 had to be all about books and catching up, otherwise I stand no chance in getting in good schools. 

But before reviewing gulps me up, I enrolled to a sports class together with my cousin. I met someone and a lot of new experiences had happened. It was the first time I got asked out, yet I blew it. I had given no effort. And when I did, the person got tired. It was all stupid. But I was thankful to have experienced it. 

Eventually I’ve come to my senses and realized it was just not meant. I couldn’t wait to let my cousin go because seeing her reminded me of that stupid summer crush. 

This summer had also brought with it great opportunities for my little shop business. I had loads of customers. It had taken up much of my time and vacation that honestly, it actually affected my reviews.. Which is what im blaming for, for the fact that I failed UP.  

It was so painful seeing the disappointment in my dad’s eyes. Even though he hadn’t said a word, I knew he was also shamed. He had put me in such a good expensive school. But I blew it. And on the ride to the mall, no one had spoken. It was the worst. And so the results of Ateneo etc continues to terrify me.

This year, I admit, I had also lost a handful of friends. I blame it on their change. But I was also to blame. I kept on ditching hang outs and the like. I filled all my schedules with work, studies and business. Me and my best friend had separated. I had lost respect, love and laughter.

Wait, I should be talking about good stuffs. 

Well, my family went to Singapore and it was so fun.

I had gotten close to Nadine & Ate Fatima

We all went to scream park and survived

I had focused more on my studies.

I had done my first bazaar together with 3 friends.

My family got a bit more stable.

Oh god, our favorite dog died…. 

oh, 2013, i am so ready to leave you behind.


So that’s about it.