3 day liking

You’re different
That is why I liked you
We talked
We laughed
And teased
You poke me in the arm
Why the hell didn’t I poke you back
I don’t know
You let me ride with you home
You asked if I knew how to cross the street
You asked if I’ve eaten
I want to hug you
Right now
At this very moment
But but but
You’re far away
And have obviously forgotten about me
Even though we weren’t given a lifetime
I thank thee for thy 3 days
Those days were the happiest
Because I met you
And we talked
Laughed, and teased
You’re something I’ll surely miss

A letter I made 3 years back

It was unexpected when I fell for you.
I was just sitting there,
minding my own business,
’till they yelled your name.
I looked in your direction
And I don’t know what happened:
Butterflies flew, sweats dripped,
I was conscious from you
You had me.
So tell me,
Was this love at first sight?
I couldn’t stop staring
And you were just everywhere
I wish I’d knew what you were thinking
Did I caught your eye like you did to me?
Did you even noticed I was existing?
Would I regret it if I told you I love you?
Would I get dumped one second after I tell you?
Is it the right move? Is there no way out?
Please tell me cos boy you’re driving me crazy
From the first I saw you, I knew pain was next
Can’t i be Edward Cullen to read your mind?
Can’t I be Wendy to fly away with you?
David architects to touch your hand?