I don’t understand what I’m feeling at this very moment
I feel sad for missing out on the real essence of high school, for focusing on this hobby that seemed to took over my life. I can’t believe it’s the end. I didn’t shed tears not because I was numb enough to do so but because there was no time for drama. And I hate the fact that there was no time. I am so mad right now at the inconsiderate people who did not give me time and support. But maybe I myself is to blame. Because I know i am leaving the place without leaving any mark. I will be gone without anyone knowing. And it’s gonna suck because they took away 6 years of my life. And yet, I received no recognition. It’s pretty stupid and dumb that right now I feel so jealous, selfish, mad and disturbed when in fact I should feel grateful. I am sorry. But big emotions like this one is pretty hard for me to understand. Well at least I’ve answered my question in the first paragraph