ACET 2013-2014 tester’s experience

Good bye Ateneo!

Regretting!!!! 😦 I hadn’t had the time to give my best on the essay! We had 15 minutes left before the proctor announced that by this time we should be at part 4 (essay). I had about 8 more questions left so I crammed. The time I finished I was wondering why the proctor was not announcing the essay question. I raised my hand only to find out that the question was placed on the essay sheet. How could I have been so stupid and careless? Five minutes left before the time, I rushed to writing. And.. it was the worst essay I had EVER written. HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SOOO. And just like that I knew my chances were snatched away from me.

Math btw was okay, english part 3 was confusing. Abstract Reasoning was hell. 90% of my answers were mostly guesses. To conclude, I am frowning at the lost of my chance to be an Atenean. 

But oh well. This may be God’s will. But.. NOOOOOOOOO Ateneo i love you.


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