Zero Hero

I have a dozen options on which one I’d choose to love back. The only problem? Neither one of my options have me as their option. Yup I pretty much have zero waiting on my stairwell. I don’t blame them. I was never the swan. And it’s my fault too. There was once a time where in I was overwhelmed with a lot of attention. Peer pressure was knocking on my door and I let it in before peeping on the peep hole. The huge-est mistake I’ve ever done. Now I’m left here, alone and friendless. Deliberately trying to fake it. Why am I wasting my life? And yet even when I’m awaken, I still do nothing. Please send me a saviour, Almighty, let someone help me overcome these struggles. I can watch, eat and shop alone but never face a slapping dead end problemo alone.

Teary eyed,
Nerr D


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