Please don’t ever make one of your children feel less wanted than her siblings. Because you know what? It kills. Learn to love them all equally. If you can’t divide your heart, well then, bear only one child. Simple. It’d save you cash. And would stop the growing number of heartbreaks of children.

It’s so hard doing everything you could. Even having to stop chasing your dreams, and choose what your parents would be proud of. Just to make them proud even for once. Wishing they’d appreciate your sacrifice and finally love you or at the very least give you even a little bit of attention. But no. Once they’ve chosen their favorite, it’s impossible to get some attention. You may as well be wind.

There was once this book I’ve read. Two boys wrestling. For the first time ever, the little boy defeated his bigger brother in their game, with their father watching. When the boy smiled and looked at his father for praise, the father was frowning at the bigger brother and said, you should have had moved a little faster! And even for a second, never congratulated the little boy. Pathetic. I would never ever have a favorite child among my kids. No nah-uh.

So yeah you figured. It’s my dad. I just really wished he’d be the dad to me as he is to his fave kid among us sibs.
I’m not even hoping anymore. I just wished itd improve, even a little, our connection. Id be so happy.

Off now,
Nerr D