Prom Disaster Friendships Ruined

Minutes left before our prom, we’ ve just arrived. We were late and we were still on our casual outfits. I was wearing a checkered polo, and it seriously didn’t go with my hair. My friend I was still with wore her heels so I was just that tiny girl with the messed up hair and makeup. I was carrying two bags while my friend had on a shoulder bag and her mom carried her stuff. I was so jealous, i really wished I had my mom that moment. 

After a while, I saw my ‘bestfriend’ and she asked me what happened to me. My heart sank. We went up the hotel room and changed. And my bestfriend helped me and I loved her for that moment. But then we started rushing since we’ve still hadn’t registered. And I just wanted to cry seeing my reflection in the mirror. I was a disaster. My bangs got curly. And my hair looked like it wasn’t brushed for days. Curled hair just didn’t work for me, i realized. I looked fat in my dress, and I was way conscious of my back. My eyes were also blazing red. I looked hideous. 

We went down and had little conversation and thumbs up with people. Everyone seriously looked like superstars. There were so many transformations. My wedges were high so I atleast looked a little taller. I saw so many faces and I loved them all. My friends introduced their dates and I was surprised with my jolly mood. I used to be really shy with boys.

We entered the hall. The place looked great! But not really much of a spectaculating jaw dropping set. I first sat on my supposedly table and was having fun. But then the owner of the seat came, so I had to go to my real awkward table. Yes it was awkward because everyone had their dates, except for us three. I became good friends with the other stag girl and we were really vibes during the party. Someone told us about the table at the back with only three people sitting. And we went there to eat. Since the girls with dates on our table were just busy talking.. They seriously weren’t touching their food!!! It was soo fun! All we did was laugh. But then I got stuck with my other friend who didnt love dancing and was awkward at this kind of things. Dont get me wrong I love her, but I just wanted to have fun. Although I didnt argue, because of my heels, I couldn’t walk properly, let alone dance? So we just wandered around. After the party, the guard gave us a hard time getting out. And it was really cool because everyone was against the guard. Plans of pushing her was spread. Hahaha. 

After the party, I got pissed because my friend had no plans of getting her things on the other hotel room. We also couldnt get it because the owner was out. I was beyond pissed. I wanted to attend the after party, but i didnt want to wear this dress there. My mood slowly started going down because of that. The second strike was when my bestfriend forgot about me. Went to the party without me. Third strike was when my roommates didn’t buy me any food. Seriously, all I felt was loneliness, disappointment and sadness. I went to sofa and lied down alone, my night ruined. I was so pissed. Beware because the remaining things Ill be typing would be RANTS. from a lonely pissed off forgotten teenager who was f mad because her friends didn’t buy her food. What a pig I am. But what a friend they were. I wanted to tell them when they asked me what was wrong. But no. I couldnt tell them. SO I just ended up being a lame overnighter. My usual.

So no My night didn’t end up awesome. It sucked. And I was pissed off at everyone’s feeling cool attitude. Oh what a night.

Logging off,

Nerr D

PS: I hope no one ever experience this ever again. Don’t cry on your night.


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