When Someone Hates your Awesomeness

What the f do you do?

I have been getting pretty good grades this quarter. The kind where only 10 passed and Im one of them (not being boastful just… narrating) Anyway, on the other hand, my “smart” (just because she came from the Top class) (she was removed from the class btw) (or maybe dragged out’s the term since she hates it and she wants to go back) ANYWAY, on the other hand, she failed. Or got a lower grade. And now, she’s spreading lies. Or also known as her “exagged” stories. I mean.. DAMN. And she is such a fake. She’s like “oh youre the highest blah blah blah” infront of me. But she stabs me at the back. SERIOUSLY THESE PEOPLE gad. Im really mad. And I HATE her. I seriously do. Ever since. She is a fake. FAKE. I may sound bad right now with what im typing and all. But if you ever met her, I SWEAR. SHE IS A beach. Yes the female dog. SHE IS SUCH AN INSECURE, LITTLE IMMATURE… I AM SO MAD. breathe.

PS: I am f awesome you jealous beach


Flipping the table in anger,

Nerr D