Forbidden L- can’t even say it

Hi. If you ever read this.. Wait actually no I’m hoping you won’t ever read this.

I just want to tell you you bring me no… harm? Yes. But you are killing me. I don’t know why. But you’re driving me crazy. Like emotionally. You have made me break compromises I had made to myself. You are an exception to everything I don’t do. I’d gladly do it for you. Nooo. I dont want to be inlove with you. I must not. First of all, I must not. Second, I shouldn’t. Third, its just not allowed okay. And oh ugh. You don’t feel the same.

I feel so…. weird. Like half hype and half sleepy. And half numb. I am cut in three yes. I feel weird as f. And no I am not on drugs. Just reaaaally numb. Don’t know if I feel happy or sad? What should I be happy about? What more should I be sad about?

Conclusion: Life is cool but it’s fckn hard. Hang loose. Have faith. Trust me on this. And trust Him. He’s got your back, bro. Am I really convincing you? Or convincing myself? ….I don’t know.

Blogging off, Nerr D.
I love God. <;3

Btw, it's 2 am in the morning. What the hell am I doing? I have shchool.


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