Forbidden L- can’t even say it

Hi. If you ever read this.. Wait actually no I’m hoping you won’t ever read this.

I just want to tell you you bring me no… harm? Yes. But you are killing me. I don’t know why. But you’re driving me crazy. Like emotionally. You have made me break compromises I had made to myself. You are an exception to everything I don’t do. I’d gladly do it for you. Nooo. I dont want to be inlove with you. I must not. First of all, I must not. Second, I shouldn’t. Third, its just not allowed okay. And oh ugh. You don’t feel the same.

I feel so…. weird. Like half hype and half sleepy. And half numb. I am cut in three yes. I feel weird as f. And no I am not on drugs. Just reaaaally numb. Don’t know if I feel happy or sad? What should I be happy about? What more should I be sad about?

Conclusion: Life is cool but it’s fckn hard. Hang loose. Have faith. Trust me on this. And trust Him. He’s got your back, bro. Am I really convincing you? Or convincing myself? ….I don’t know.

Blogging off, Nerr D.
I love God. <;3

Btw, it's 2 am in the morning. What the hell am I doing? I have shchool.


Helping through Prayer

Hello guys!
Just to let you in in the recent breaking news here in the Philippines!
Our country is flooded because of the heavy rains since Monday. My country is drowning 😦 and we need your help even a prayer would be of great help.
Please pray for the Philippines. Help us through this struggles were facing.
Thanks guys.



I am lucky I’m safe, but most are not 😦

Off, Nerr D.