Back to My Hometown

Chilling out in the Province = Good Idea

Hi fellow Nerds. I broke my word, I’m sorry. I really did plan to blog about my 2 week disappearance yesterday but I’m honestly not in the mood. To be honest, even now. But I’m worried ’cause I’m the forgetful type and I might forget some of my adventures if I continue to delay and delay and delay blogging this. So swag lets go.

We went to my Mom’s hometown (also mine actually) last May 5 at about 6 AM. Just randomly speaking, I wore my leopard top which I hate because it kinda goes better with the oldies, but I had to cause it might rot if I never use it. Right? Not really. Anyway, we stopped over at a Gasoline station. That’s actually kind of a routine for us now whenever we go out of town. We stop over at Shell… and just hang. I didn’t take pictures cause I looked like a mess. Wait, ofourse im not gonna post a picture of myself in this blog. Still hiding my identity from you all.

Anyway, travel travel travel then bam my dad’s tired so we decided to stay in a hotel for the night. We stayed in.. Ok fine, I didn’t get the time to know the hotel name. Basta it’s in Laoag. And I think it’s Isabel Suites? Here’s some shots:









What drove me wild was when I saw the bathtub! Being nerdily honest, I’ve never tried using the bathtub so imagine my excitement when I jumped into the water and just partied there! Nah not really though. I took a bath with my sister. I was EXCITED but I was also somehow scared. Blame it to the horror movies.

I slept tight, no bugs bit.

We drove off at 7 am. Here’s some shots when we were on our way. Only 3 hours left before we reach our destination so I was in the mood on taking shots.




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