Nerdy Shopping


Ofcourse I shop! To be honest, I love shopping! I just can’t take it!! Seeing too pretty clothes. Oh jeez. Irresistible. I think it’s part of every girls dreams to have unlimited cash to shop till they drop. Duh!! Even nerds! I love clothes so much guys.

But you know even if I have loads of clothes in my closet that cost me just much of my allowance. Somehow there are days where I just can’t find anything to wear. Crappiest feeling.

Anyway, we went to the mall yesterday. I was pretty happy cause we finally went. You see, our plans are always cancelled or delayed whatsoever. Mom’s fault. šŸ˜ We were with our aunt yesterday. To be honest, I didn’t want her there. I’m not being mean or anything but it’s just that, she’s not trendy. She prefers to shop in Surplus; clothing shop with out of season clothes but with great deals. So we spent most of our time trying to go with her in surplus. Though, I did see a dress from MANGO. You heard that right! From mango!! It was pretty, it was sheer and had this zebra prints on it and it was only for $9 It was a great deal but I’m not sure I’ll be able to wear it. Did you forget? I’m Nerr D!

Anyway, after we went to surplus, we didn’t have much time for ourselves to shop. But I SOO want to buy something new!! We’re going to my province and new clothes feels just right. We were pressured into finding something for about 15 minutes maximum. Crap.

So we rushed to Forever 21 (nerdys fave) Here’s what I got:



It’s size small but still pretty big. It’s comfortable. Believe me!! It’s pretty when you wear it. Though you should tuck it in…. I got it for $13

I also got this:


For $1.95 !! So cute. I always wante o buy one of this! But I really wanted it in yellow!! I love yellow! But I guess gold would do.

I also bought a blue striped tank top semi crop. But me and my sister put our money together for it. Right now its in her closet. So i cant get it. Its pretty.

That’s all, I’ll take you with me when I go shopping!
This is a rushed entry, sorry for that.
Do you ever get the feeling that you don’t know what the f you’re typing?
My dilemma right now. Ahaha

Signing off, Nerr D


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