I Want a Break

I am so bored. Really.

It’s May 1 and to be honest, we haven’t done ANYTHING special this Summer. We haven’t swam as a whole family yet and just take a break and all. For real. All we did was go to the province. And not my whole family was even there. Only me, my sister and my dad. My mom and my brothers stayed. We have a nerdy -in a good way- business kasi that’s need to be handled. every. day. Someone should keep an eye on it. I’m not complaining.. but it just.. sucks. One of the reasons why we don’t go out much.

We swam in a beach called “Sabangan” together with my Titas. And I had undeniably nerdy experiences!! The company was pretty good, I had fun with them. It’s the “snakes” that I just can’t stand. We used to swim there back when I was young and we happened to spot a snake back then. And I am so traumatize! It wasn’t really the kind of snake that’s just BIG but come on I was young and it was my first time to see one. To be honest, I don’t like sea animals 😦 😦 Nerds like me are scared of them. Ok so now I’m also a coward. Fine, I’ll accept that just please don’t shove a dead fish to my face or something. I can’t take it. The malansang smell, their eyes that never seem to close.. and all 😦 Nerdy coward I am.

Anyway, here are some shots. Most of the shots had our faces so here are some of the good few that just shows the view of Sabangan. Btw, Sabangan is in Pangasinan. You should go there sometime. There are huge umbrella rocks that are really cool, if not scary. There are also a long journey before you hit the water, haha. There are rocks and long journeys in sand you have to go through. It’s pretty nice. You’d get to see some starfish. Loads and loads of starfish. Pretty thing. πŸ™‚


The water


What do you think? πŸ™‚ Everyone needs a break.

signing off, Nerr D.




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