Be NICE to the Newbie

Newbie on the Loose

Oh hi. Im new here. New in blogging. I have always thought of blogging and not revealing my identity, because that’s just cool. Don’t you think? Badass! haha. Like you can just go on and on and on typing, writing, expressing all you could in a blog. No one would know you anyway so they can’t judge. And who knows? Some might even be on the same stage you’re going through? Right? right.

feeling badass, nerd naman

What I just want to blog here are: 60% of how I feel and my everyday troubles. 5% of my opinions in random things like toothpaste, books, chocolates… toothpaste? Ok, thats just weird. I know. 15% of the online shops that I visit and just about completely dumbstruck with, trendy clothes, my outfits. You get the picture! 10% things I SOO want to have. 5% food. And 5% of things I can’t think of right now. Just surprising stuff that I may think of blogging about someday. This blog.. I want to be able to do it until I die. Or until I’m old enough or something. I want to keep this. I had always been the kind of person that keeps the most useless stuff. Just as long as it’s something with a story or memory buried with it. You know what I’m saying? So, can you do me favor? And just stay.. Keep reading my blog or support or something. That would be just fantastic. I would be so touched. But I dont wanna be clingy or anything. Everything is still upto you.

me by then

Anyway I did say I’ll keep my identity hidden right? ….for now. So what about I describe myself instead? Well… in my opinion ok? I am pretty small, at about 5 feet tall. Yup. I am that small. Sucks. Even my two years younger brother is now taller than me. Embarassing! I’m also tan. Kidding. Im more of red. My skin is weird. Some people tell me I’m more of a tomato color. As if my height’s not embarassing enough. Oh people. But I don’t think I’m red, so let’s stay with tan. I have chinky eyes, flabby flabs, brace face, long brown hair and my hands are tiny. Haha. So that’s about it. Let’s not talk about weight and size. I’ll just get sad and insecure hahaha. Let’s just say I’m pretty far from size zero. I also read. It just feels so good to read. Reading is one of my reality get-away. thatNERDYblogger! First is sleeping. But I’m not that much familiar with the encyclopedia. Im not good with words. I’m a swimmer but I don’t consider myself as best. I draw well and have been awarded for it, but what can I say? It’s in our blood anyway. My sister and brother are both as talented as me. Even better perhaps.
 So what can you say? Can you imagine my appearance? Someone you’d like to meet? hahaha. Now, now. This is quite long for a start, don’t you think? I think I should stop now. To those who have read it until here, I love you. I love you i love you.
signing off, anonymous nerdy blogger.
PS: I know this would seem pretty boring to you so I added pictures.
 PPS: this photos are not copyrighted by me. I got it from google. If you want the photo put down, please comment below.